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By Raymond A. Della Porta, II DMD
March 28, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: cosmetic dentistry  

Improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry may seem like a complex task at first glance. However, learning about common cosmetic cosmetic dentistryprocedures can help you narrow down your choices and make an educated decision. Find out more about some of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures with Dr. Raymond Della Porta in Vero Beach, FL.

Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening is a versatile procedure which your dentist can adjust to suit your wishes. Whether you want to subtly lift the color of your smile only a few shades or opt for the full strength treatment to turn your smile bright white, teeth whitening can help you. Since teeth whitening does not work on porcelain restorations like crowns or veneers, you can work with your dentist to coordinate the shade of teeth whitening for your natural teeth and the color of the porcelain of your dental restorations.

Dental Crowns 
Dental crowns protect a damaged or broken tooth by fitting over the existing tooth. Made from porcelain, a dental laboratory customizes the crown for your mouth. Dentists often use crowns to protect a tooth with a large filling, hold a dental bridge in place, or cover a dental implant to replace a missing tooth.

Dental Veneers 
Veneers are a cosmetic dentistry procedure which uses thin shells of porcelain to overhaul the look of your smile. The veneers fit over each tooth and mask their imperfections. They can change the size, shape, length, or width of your tooth and can also alter the color of your smile to your preference. Veneers are often used in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures like crowns or implants.

Dental Implants 
Like a dental bridge, dental implants replace a missing tooth. However, implants also replace the tooth’s root by implanting a small titanium post into the bone beneath the gumline. This provides stimulation for the bone, keeping it healthy and decreasing the chance of bone atrophy. Implants are permanent and last a lifetime.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Vero Beach, FL
If you feel like you can benefit from cosmetic dentistry, you should consult with your dentist to determine which procedures are best for you and your smile. For more information on these cosmetic dentistry procedures, please contact Dr. Raymond Della Porta in Vero Beach, FL. Call (772) 567-1025 to schedule your appointment today!

By Raymond A. Della Porta, II DMD
March 18, 2017
Category: Oral Health

Sure, it’s big news when celebs tweet selfies from the dental office… if you’re still living in the 20th century. But in Hollywood today, it’s harder to say who hasn’t posted snaps of themselves in the dentist’s chair than who has. Yet the pictures recently uploaded to Twitter by Mark Salling, the actor and singer who regularly appears as Noah “Puck” Puckerman on the popular TV series Glee, made us sit up and take notice.

“Getting my chipped tooth fixed. Also, apparently, I’m a big grinder,” read the caption. The photo showed a set of upper front teeth with visible chips on the biting surface. What’s so special about this seemingly mundane tweet? It’s a great way of bringing attention to a relatively common, but often overlooked problem: teeth clenching and grinding, also called bruxism.

Although bruxism is a habit that affects scores of people, many don’t even realize they have it. That’s because the condition may only become active at night. When the teeth are unconsciously ground together, the forces they produce can wear down the enamel, cause chipping or damage to teeth or dental work (such as veneers or fillings), or even loosen a tooth! While it’s common in children under 11 years old, in adults it can be a cause for concern.

Sometimes, mouth pain, soreness and visible damage alert individuals to their grinding habits; other times, a dental professional will notice the evidence of bruxism during an exam or cleaning: tooth sensitivity and telltale wear and tear on the chewing surfaces. Either way, it’s time to act.

Bruxism is most often caused by stress, which can negatively impact the body in many ways. It may also result from bite problems, the overuse of stimulating substances (caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs), and as a side effect of certain medications. Sometimes, simply becoming aware of the habit can help a person get it under control. Common methods of stress reduction include exercise, meditation, a warm bath or a quiet period before bedtime; these can be tried while we monitor the situation to see if the problem is going away.

If stress reduction alone doesn’t do the trick, several other methods can be effective. When bruxism is caused by a minor bite problem, we can sometimes do a minor “bite adjustment” in the office. This involves removing a tiny bit of enamel from an individual tooth that is out of position, bringing it in line with the others. If it’s a more serious malocclusion, orthodontic appliances or other procedures may be recommended.

When grinding is severe enough to damage teeth or dental work, we may also recommend a custom-made night guard (occlusal guard), which you put in your mouth at bedtime. Comfortable and secure, this appliance prevents your teeth from being damaged by contacting each other, and protects your jaw joints from stresses due to excessive grinding forces.

Whether or not you have to smile for a living, teeth grinding can be a big problem. If you would like more information about this condition, call our office to schedule a consultation for a consultation.

By Raymond A. Della Porta, II DMD
March 03, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: veneers  

For over three decades, veneers have helped mask dental imperfections like chipping, staining or gaps and improve the appearance of millions of teeth. As the name implies, this thin layer of porcelain covers a tooth's visible surface and accurately mimics the texture, color and translucence of natural teeth.

Veneers could be just the solution you need for a more attractive smile. But before you begin treatment, be sure you have these 3 essentials in place to ensure a successful outcome.

True expectations. While the transformation of a tooth's appearance with a veneer can be astounding, veneers in general do have their limitations. You need an adequate amount of the tooth's structure present for a veneer to properly adhere — if not, you may need to consider a porcelain crown instead. Likewise, gaps and other misalignments may be too great for a veneer to cover: in that case, you should consider orthodontics. A thorough examination beforehand will determine if veneers are the best option for you.

An artisan team. Every veneer is custom made to match an individual patient's tooth shape and color, handcrafted by a skilled dental technician. There's also an art to the dentist preparing the tooth beforehand and then properly positioning the veneer for bonding to achieve the most attractive result. Be sure, then, that your veneer "team" comes highly recommended by others.

The best materials. The first porcelains were powdered glass ceramics mixed with water to form a paste. Technicians shaped the paste in successive layers and as it oven-cured it took on the beautiful translucence of natural teeth. Unfortunately, this type of porcelain could be brittle and prone to shattering when subjected to heavy biting forces. In recent years, though, we've begun to use ceramics reinforced with other materials like Leucite for added strength. Today, the materials dentists use have much better durability.

If you would like more information on porcelain veneers, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Porcelain Veneers.”

By Raymond A. Della Porta, II DMD
February 16, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Everyone has to face the music at some time — even John Lydon, former lead singer of The Sex Pistols, arguably England’s best known punk rock band. The 59-year old musician was once better known by his stage name, Johnny Rotten — a brash reference to the visibly degraded state of his teeth. But in the decades since his band broke up, Lydon’s lifelong deficiency in dental hygiene had begun to cause him serious problems.

In recent years, Lydon has had several dental surgeries — including one to resolve two serious abscesses in his mouth, which left him with stitches in his gums and a temporary speech impediment. Photos show that he also had missing teeth, which, sources say, he opted to replace with dental implants.

For Lydon (and many others in the same situation) that’s likely to be an excellent choice. Dental implants are the gold standard for tooth replacement today, for some very good reasons. The most natural-looking of all tooth replacements, implants also have a higher success rate than any other method: over 95 percent. They can be used to replace one tooth, several teeth, or an entire arch (top or bottom row) of teeth. And with only routine care, they can last for the rest of your life.

Like natural teeth, dental implants get support from the bone in your jaw. The implant itself — a screw-like titanium post — is inserted into the jaw in a minor surgical operation. The lifelike, visible part of the tooth — the crown — is attached to the implant by a sturdy connector called an abutment. In time, the titanium metal of the implant actually becomes fused with the living bone tissue. This not only provides a solid anchorage for the prosthetic, but it also prevents bone loss at the site of the missing tooth — which is something neither bridgework nor dentures can do.

It’s true that implants may have a higher initial cost than other tooth replacement methods; in the long run, however, they may prove more economical. Over time, the cost of repeated dental treatments and periodic replacement of shorter-lived tooth restorations (not to mention lost time and discomfort) can easily exceed the expense of implants.

That’s a lesson John Lydon has learned. “A lot of ill health came from neglecting my teeth,” he told a newspaper reporter. “I felt sick all the time, and I decided to do something about it… I’ve had all kinds of abscesses, jaw surgery. It costs money and is very painful. So Johnny says: ‘Get your brush!’”

We couldn’t agree more. But if brushing isn’t enough, it may be time to consider dental implants. If you would like more information about dental implants, please call our office to schedule a consultation. You can read more in the Dear Doctor magazine articles “Dental Implants” and “Save a Tooth or Get an Implant?

By Raymond A. Della Porta, II DMD
February 02, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

First impressions are an important part of many milestones in life, from meeting your spouse to landing that job you have always wanted. dental implantsClouding your first impressions with teeth that are embarrassing to you and hiding a smile can be avoided. You can make a great first impression with your smile by seeking the advice of Dr. Raymond Della Porta at Vero Beach, FL.

How Dental Implants Can Help Your Smile

Losing your teeth is a traumatic event, whether it is due to an accident or injury or because of poor dental health. Dental implants are a great way to get the smile you have always wanted. The implants work far better for many people when compared to dentures because they stay in place. These are also a good idea if you have missing individual teeth.

The gums are prepared for the implants by removing any teeth that might be in the way or need to be replaced.The gums are often allowed to heal before the implants are put in place. An imitation root, much like a screw, is put into place in the gums. Once the gums are healed around the root the new teeth are placed. These teeth have been made to fit in the space and are made to look much like your natural teeth. A few weeks after the Vero Beach expert places the rest of the dental implant, you will be able to rely on them to be as strong as natural teeth.

Don’t hide your smile from those that you meet. Express your personality and get the look that you can be proud of with the help of Dr. Della Porta, your Vero Beach, FL, dental implants professional. Call us now at (772) 567-1025 to schedule an appointment to discuss dental implants. Give your teeth a chance to be healthier.

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