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Dentures Help You Get Back To Your Social Life

Losing teeth can be a blow to anyone’s self-esteem, especially if those teeth are visible. The way someone looks often dictates how they feel, leading to psychological and social consequences Read More

Best Foods For Oral Health

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing your diet. You choose foods based on how they taste, how much they cost and how readily available they are. Read More

Whiten Those Teeth For A Better First Impression!

Teeth are the first feature people notice about others. What do yours say about you? Whitening your teeth has become the easiest, quickest and most cost-effective way of enhancing your smile. Read More

How Dental Implants Transform Smiles

Turn your tooth loss around by getting dental implants in Vero Beach. For anyone dealing with missing teeth, they already know how much it can affect their appearance and their self-esteem. Read More

4 Party Foods That Stain Teeth

Parties are a wonderful time to enjoy family and friends, while also splurging on sweet snacks and decadent treats. While everyone is passing around the sugar-filled desserts, consider keeping these Read More

Why Dental Crowns are Important for Already Decayed Teeth

Though you may not have respected them before, it’s time to give your decayed teeth the royal treatment. In Vero Beach, dental crowns by Raymond A. Della Porta, II D.M.D. Read More

Elite Celts and Their Own Form of Dental Implants

While it might seem that a lot of our procedures are the luck of advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment, it doesn’t mean that we were the first to come up Read More

How to Maintain Your Newly White Teeth

Here at Dr. Della Porta's Office, we understand the importance of not only healthy teeth, but also a bright, beautiful smile. Numerous patients decide that the quickest way to achieve Read More

The Benefits of Veneers for Your Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry provides many options to enhance the overall appearance of your smile. Meeting with Dr. Raymond A. Della Porta at Vero Beach, FL Dentist is a great opportunity to Read More

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Many of our patients in Vero Beach, FL, have been asking us about brightening their teeth lately, and today we thought we would discuss the options available to you to Read More

Viewing 145 - 154 out of 154 posts


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